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Feeling kind of wild lately?


Mature Content

La Morrigan by Yoann-Lossel
Thanatos by Yoann-Lossel Eros et Thanatos... Work in progress 3... by Yoann-Lossel The Wild Hunt by Yoann-Lossel The Forgotten Gods by Yoann-Lossel

Venetian Harpy, detail by ForestRogers Flidais by ForestRogers Grandmama by ForestRogers East of the Sun, West of the Moon by ForestRogers Eros by ForestRogers


The Horned Goddess by Lovell-Art Masquerade by Lovell-Art 'Harvest' by Christopher Lovell Art by Lovell-Art Plague Bearer. by Lovell-Art 'Apples' by Christopher Lovell Art by Lovell-Art
Hello Watchers!
It's been sometime since I posted a DMA. I hope you all enjoyed the last one. Check out old DMAs in the journal entries to the journal section!

As an artist, we always have to keep in mind a lot of things about art before we start our art work;
like composition, colors, details, shapes, forms, dynamics, etc. These are few of the artist that I feel like demonstrate some of the things that I have listed, and should be aware of. Enjoy!

Azure Blue Psychic by bcnyArt Four Sides Light by bcnyArt Taiwan aboriginal people by bcnyArt KIDOUMARU: Ghost Samurai by bcnyArt

Kurama by Kel-Del fortune teller by Kel-Del Albert Redesign by Kel-Del Nervermore by Kel-Del

Silent Crossing by TeaKitsune Reflect by TeaKitsune Bad Thoughts by TeaKitsune Miri and the Golden Flower by TeaKitsune

Fire Emblem: Awakening - Cordelia and Sumia by paper-hero Commission: Alacrity by paper-hero Equatia: Crumbling Ruin by paper-hero Anna Sun by paper-hero


Mature Content

Anatomy Process 1 by chacuri
Cumberbatch by chacuri Small Study Dump 1 by chacuri Alice by chacuri
Hello Watchers!
I finally got the time to post another DMA. If you got suggestions for the next DMA please note Morigalaxy!
This time I found some interesting colorful artist to share with  you guys.

Hollllow has a lot of art work that has extreme details. The meticulousness of each drawing could be seen through line and brush strokes. Discovering this artist made my jaw drop.
Guardian by Hollllow Harlequin by Hollllow Peisinoe by Hollllow Axel by Hollllow

Nesskain's work has a very romantic atmosphere. He uses both colors and lines to tell his original character's story. I get lost looking at his work.
Never Let Me go 08 by Nesskain Sea bed by Nesskain Cosmic Love 06 by Nesskain Dessinateur de Reves - David Lecren by Nesskain

:star:~*~*~*~*~*:iconebineyland: *~*~*~*~*~:star:
Ebineyland has a very fantasy coloring style. I picked Ebineyland is because of the size all these details are painted on-Post cards size! He definitely deserve more attention and credit for his work.
Pastel hour by Ebineyland ToyBox by Ebineyland TOKIHA-IRO NO YUME by Ebineyland Song of the siren by Ebineyland

I've recently been looking for a really good rim lighting artist, and depingo seems to fit. The atmosphere that she portrays in her painting is really well done. :) She has a lot I can learn from.
The Summoning by depingo Spark by depingo (Engrossed) Fame Seeker Lenaelle by depingo A Fresh Breeze by depingo
Hi onlookers! If you like our group, please :+devwatch: our group! :D

Sorry this DMA journal was so late, but I've been searching for some unique artists, and some new artist on DA

I really adore art work that are anatomically interesting and includes perspective.
AdrianDadich's work definitely has all of that. He has a very clean and vibrant color style that some how all works together and is very pleasing to the eye. Check out some of his work! :D
Reload by AdrianDadich Offline by AdrianDadich:thumb306746051:

littleulvar definitely deserves more attenstion! Her artworks are AMAZING. You can definitely learn a lot form her brush strokes, and the shapes that she create with it. :) And the artist is open for commission! ;)
vermillon by littleulvar comm: espitris trainer by littleulvar smoulder by littleulvar

:star:~*~*~*~*~*:iconscary-panda: *~*~*~*~*~:star:
I found scary-PANDA by chance, and their work is such a refreshing take on the Japanese anime manga style. I find their work full of movement and it's so amusing for the eye. The color choices are flat, but it fits the 2D work they present. :) Check them out!
gouki by scary-PANDA korosu by scary-PANDA yokai by scary-PANDA

I found Kyendo when I was looking at Community art work. lol But his style kind of sings to me. I've been really digging the 2d flat tone paper comic style. :) But his work really has it's own beat. :) So check them out!

Mature Content

To a Winter Home by Kyendo
Little White Flowers by Kyendo Communitree by Kyendo

I found Luce-in-the-sky when I was working on my illustration project. Luce has this soft art lines that creates this story book type feel. :) I really like their work because everything is so squishy looking. lol It brings out the inner child in me. I feel like they are so under appreciated, so please check them out! :)
The hardcore do understand by Luce-in-the-sky Friendly Friend by Luce-in-the-sky Good Night by Luce-in-the-sky
Please :+devwatch: our group! :D

:star:~*~*~*~*~*Deserve more Attention*~*~*~*~*~:star:
These art work are done by Lindsay Look, and it always fascinates me when traditional art work looks like digital. It just shows so much skills!
Sirena by LMessecar Moirin by LMessecar

:iconfreestarisis:has a very interesting style that I can't quite put my finger on. It looks like story book art style with a mix of cartoon feeling. I enjoy looking through their gallery very much. Their fan art and original are both filled with movements. :)
China rabbit hat by freestarisis Dragon Year by freestarisis
(Please note me if you feel like there are artist out there that deserves more attention and people can learn from their work. Also feel free to promote yourself as well!)

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